Engineering Manifesto
We are more than just a place to work.
We are a place to learn, thrive and grow - as people and professionals.
We have strong opinions, held loosely
We are seasoned tech enthusiasts. We have our own individual heuristics to execute the project. Backed by our learnings and experiences, we opine over designs, architectures, code, tests and more.

However, having a growth mindset and taking a scientific approach is integral to our ways of working. We hold our opinions high, and equally respect others'. We debate over each other's opinions and have the humility to accept and follow other's viewpoints when they are more appropriate in the given situation.
We verify and seek fast feedback, over simply following assumptions
Sensible assumptions are important. Seldom all the information is available at the time of making decisions. Moreover, prompt decision making is important for the agility of the team, to be able to continuously deliver value to our customers.

However, we actively seek fast feedback to ascertain our decisions. We apply this not only to our stakeholders and the team by frequent showcases, prompt feedback, pragmatic pair programming, but also to the system that we build by adding observability in our systems and adhering to Continuous Delivery principles.
We value a hero team, over a team of heroes
Building software is a team activity. We make the best software for our clients through collective decision making and team collaboration. Every great team consists of people with varied, yet complimenting, skill sets. We favour team ownership over individuals' and encourage a high Bus-Factor.

Equally important, we strongly discourage one wo/man shows. It's a smell. It discourages people from taking over new responsibilities and discovering their true potential. It handicaps a team and destroys the cohesion within.
We value agility over being Agile
Business model lifetimes have only grown shorter and naturally the expectation to adapt changing business goals through software has risen manifolds. We value evolutionary architectures that are adaptable to change. We automate the manual, yet valuable, processes and employ Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery to increase reliability and repeatability, further lowering their execution costs.

We value Agile processes that promote a sustainable environment, however, being dogmatic Agile is never our goal.
We value simplicity over solving assumed future problems
We value software that is complex enough to achieve the intended business outcome and yet, simple enough to reason with and adapt to change. We keep the future in mind and it reflects in the choices we make, but we value building software that does the intended job right over solving assumed future problems. We avoid premature optimisations.

While we aspire to champion simplicity, we also don't lose focus of the bigger context. We refrain from introducing problems related to Local Optimum.
We foster clean code that achieves business goals, over a gold plated software that sits on a shelf
We value clean code that reveals its intention and is easy to comprehend and enhance by the entire team, not just its original author. It makes it reliable, extensible and maintainable. We refactor continuously and responsibly without losing focus of business goals.

We strongly believe that software is a means to an end and not the end itself. We'd rather build a clean software that is shipped to production sooner and get end users' feedback than to indefinitely obsess over unfruitful refactorings.
We are responsible tech partners
We take a polyglot approach in employing the best suitable technology to solve the problem at hand. But we don't put our ambitions over our clients'. Our ultimate win is to enable our clients to be able to maintain and enhance the software after we've left. Naturally we always keep their aspirations and capabilities in mind whenever we take a decision or suggest a change.

However, this doesn't keep us from challenging ourselves and our clients alike on the already established knowledge in a healthy and data-driven fashion. We believe that uncovering and understanding the constraints are critical to effective decision making.
We invest in our craft
Tech is ever changing. To be able to deliver the best values to our clients, it's important for us to keep abreast with the tech ecosystem and be contemporary. Just like any investment, we invest in our craft regularly. We know when to dive deeper and explore the ins and outs of a particular technology, but equally important, we also know when to broaden our horizons. We are aware not to put all our technical eggs in one basket. We know when to invest in an emerging technology and which one, and when and how to reap its benefits. And most importantly, we keep reviewing our craft portfolio and keep rebalancing it.

We believe in giving back to the community through our blogs, meet-ups, OSS contributions and more.
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