Our Story
A Logo is like the signature of an organisation. Unique and identifiable.
It tells you so much about what it stands for. Of course for Technogise it is no different. When we reached a certain number of years of existence, though we loved our logo, we questioned whether it truly stood for or represented what we have evolved into. We got into a process to question ourselves retrospectively, introspectively, futuristically, sometimes even rhetorically and philosophically. What we realized was that while some elements did still resonate with us, it was time to move to some fresher, broader and newer perspectives.
old technogise logo
The old elements were: The letter Tau, the kite that is represented by the square and the colour red. Tau stands for bringing things to life, the kite represents us soaring towards the sky and the red, pure passion.
Our process of questioning brought out that:

  • We always are looked for delivering value
  • People are our biggest asset.
  • We are a company one can trust, from a client point of view and from people who engage with us.
  • Technogise means trust
  • Technogise means inclusion for all our people and the kind of diversity we have in our company.
  • Technogise is a partnership of value.

We then looked at a symbol that would represent all these and our core values, our ABC.

What came out was phenomenal. We found out that the colours that brought to life Technogise as a brand were Blue and Yellow. Blue represents Commitment, Reliability, Trust and Integrity and Yellow represents Friendly, Welcoming and Thought leadership. This is so us!

We then moved away from the square to embrace the circle to acknowledge our movement from not just soaring to the sky with the square but also being inclusive of everyone that we interact with and growing with them.

Finally after all the explorations, we are happy to share the new symbol that resonates, represents and enhances Technogise as a brand.
old technogise logo
The Tau remains with us at our core, the colour blue in a beautiful inclusive circle and the tiny but significant yellow dot that is our people, our sun shine!

We welcome you to explore the new logo and Technogise with us.
Let's craft brilliance together